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Web Design Company

Bespoke Web Design, SEO and UK Hosting

Low cost, high quality, and Based in the UK

Web Design Company

Static Website Design

Starting from £395

WordPress website design

Starting from £599

Ecommerce Website

Starting from £1,665

Full SEO Service

Starting from £325
Static Website Design with SEO Included

Static Website Design with SEO Included

Static Website Design with SEO Included

Working closely with our clients, we will design a modern and responsive website around your brand & identity. Taking your brand online will enable prospective customer to gain visibility, confidence and trust in your brand, resulting in customer growth and improved sales.

Once ordered, we will send you a detailed questionnaire that will help us understand your business needs, targets, objective, competition.

Starting from £395, choose between three Website Packages to suit your needs and budget.

Ecommerce Website


We will design an online shopping experience for your customers that will help you increase sales and improve customer loyalty. With clear ‘call to actions’ we will make it easy and enjoyable for your customers to shop at your eCommerce site. 

Working with WordPress, Shopify, and Magento, we’ll help you create your own personalised eCommerce website that delivers a seamless customer experience. This website will be unique to your brand and will guide your visitors from the landing page they arrive at to the checkout page.

Prices Start from £1,665 for up to 1,000 products.


Search Engine Optimisation


There is no point having a website if nobody can find it on Google, and here comes SEO with a key role to play.

SEO is the complex combination of competitor analysis, link creation, coding, content creation, keyword analysis, etc.

When targeted correctly, SEO can wield impressive long term results, helping your website gain visibility and improve its ranking on Google.

We provide On-Site SEO built into every website purchased. For an additional monthly fee, this can be upgraded to Full SEO. Starting from £325 per month.

Secure Hosting Under HTTPS (SSL)

secure hosting

Why not make things easy and let us manage the hosting of your website too. This will make the process of maintaining and updating your website completely seamless and uninterrupted.

Our hosting package provides a free 256-bit SSL certificate for your website, ensuring your website is operating over https. This is a vital part of any website, protecting you and your customers against data breaches, but also ensure that you look trustworthy and are not penalised by search engines.

Cost £150 annually.

secure hosting
website maintenance and support

Website Maintenance & Support

website maintenance and support

With our monthly website maintenance and support package, you will receive up to 12 hours of support every month, covering Content Placement and Website Health Checks, with any issues identified fixed, providing seamless operation of your website.

Security is one of the biggest threats your website faces, with thousands of websites hacked and domains stollen every day.

So, if you want to keep hackers away, our Maintenance and Support Package is right for your website. Starting from £85 per quarter.

Why Choose us as your
Web Design Agency?

Our mission is to craft beautifully effective websites that unlock potential, accelerate success, and maximise return on investment – creating digital excellence as we go.

We strive to deliver results as a reliable UK-based website design agency. As a result of understanding your business and creating a conversion-focused website, we are able to help you attract new customers and, ultimately, increase profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We don’t utilise a central office, all our web development and SEO team work remotely. This reduces our overall costs enabling us to pass these savings onto our customers.

Our preferred method of contact is by email at team@loyalwebsolutions.co.uk. Alternatively, you can call us on 0203 918 8627.

An e-commerce website is one that allows people to buy and sell physical goods, services, and digital products over the internet. Through an e-commerce website, a business can process orders, accept payments, manage shipping and logistics, and provide customer service. Online stores like Amazon, Shopify, and Ebay are well known brand examples of E-commerce websites.

A static website contains Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded and displays the same information to every visitor. Static sites are the most basic type of website.

On-site SEO is the practice of optimising elements on a website (as opposed to links elsewhere on the Internet and other external signals collectively known as “off-site SEO”) in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines. Website coding is modified to help target your keyword / search terms, such as Heading, Image Alt text, Title Tags, Page Descriptions, Keyword Integration, etc.

Full SEO includes off-page optimisation (external Local Listings, Social Bookmarking, Guest posts, Article Submission), Content creation (on site blogs, articles and keyword integration), Configuration activities (Google Search Console Configuration, Google Analytic Integration), Analysis (Competitor Analysis and Keyword Analysis)

Keywords or phases and string of words typically three or four words in length that describes your product or service.  These are the ‘keywords’ a user would type into a search engine like Google to find your site.

Your website must be loaded onto a server for it to be accessed by visitors. This process is Hosting. You are under no obligation to purchase hosting through Loyal Web Solutions. However, if purchased, we will make the whole process easy for and upload your site, ensuring your site is uploaded and any issues fixed and ironed out.

Yes, the servers will be UK based. Hosting is an annual charge. If you stop paying for hosting, your website will no longer available online.

We provide a SSL Certificate with our hosting package.  This ensures that your site is HTTPS secure.

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