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How eCommerce is different from Traditional Commerce

Traditional commerce refers to commerce that is done through physical stores or buildings. It is often referred to as “brick and mortar” commerce. Traditional commerce is still extremely popular, and many people still prefer to buy products in a store. However, eCommerce has been growing steadily since it’s inception, and it’s now the preferred way to purchase products for many people.

Let’s explore the differences between traditional commerce and eCommerce.

How eCommerce is different from traditional commerce?

eCommerce stands for electronic commerce. It refers to the buying and selling of products over the Internet. Traditional commerce, on the other hand, refers to physical stores that are in business. Both eCommerce and traditional commerce have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of eCommerce is that online shopping has become a convenient option for many users. eCommerce stores offer products at very affordable prices and shoppers can shop for the products at their own convenience. Buying products online is much faster than going to physical stores and looking for these products.

The disadvantage of eCommerce is that some information can be acquired more easily from physical stores than from online stores. For instance, when you are shopping for clothes, you can be able to try on the clothing before buying. However, this is not possible when shopping online.

The changes eCommerce brought in the world of business

E-commerce is an online business that handles buying and selling of products online. Companies use internet as their marketing platform. Companies that sell products online are called e-retailers. E-commerce stores sell a wide range of products.

The biggest advantage of e-commerce is that it offers convenience. It is convenient because you can access these websites anytime, even when you are in transit or on holiday. E-commerce provides easy return policies. You can return products that don’t fit, no questions asked.

An e-commerce store offers great discounts. These sites have huge inventories and provide good deals. It provides a variety of products. You can easily compare different products. It offers fast transaction. You don’t have to queue up for billing. You don’t have to wait in long queues.

Due to fast transactions, many companies have reduced their delivery times. Customers can get their order within one or two days. E-commerce offers a sense of security. You get order confirmations, invoices, and bills via email. You don’t have to keep visiting stores for billing and payment.

How eCommerce differs from web commerce?

eCommerce and Web commerce are the same in many ways but there are some important differences. This difference is the eCommerce website.

eCommerce websites are developed with eCommerce software that gives the store a storefront and allows the buyers and merchants to transact business. So, eCommerce businesses can set-up their own eCommerce website and also market the products and services on the website.

What is the future of eCommerce business?

eCommerce will be one of the fastest growing segment of online business. Every business will integrate eCommerce into their existing business. As eCommerce grows, businesses will adopt new strategies for their growth. For example, many businesses will use discount coupons and other strategies to attract customers.

Companies will use social networking sites to offer their customers eCommerce services. For example, a company can use a social networking site to present a list of items with prices so that friends can identify the best deals.

Other companies will use urban communities to attract customers. For example, a company could set up a kiosk in an urban community where people can buy products. eCommerce is the reason for this growth.


After reading this blog post, you should be able to decide which method is best for you and your business. Feel free to contact us if you would like to develop an eCommerce website for your business.



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